Pink Pony is a Tron­-like multiplayer racing­ game. You control little ponies that leave a trail of flowers everywhere they step. You have to evade these trails and force other ponies into them. The last pony standing wins the game.


A screenshot of the game PinkPony


I was on the FreeGameDev forum and saw that ginkgo was searching for some help in doing an AI for Pink Pony. I thought at first it would be a very difficult task since this is a 3D game, but ginkgo pointed out that the logic of the game was 2D, like any tron-like game. So I started working on it on the code repository after ginkgo gave me access. He was really helpful and even coded some functions I needed for my AI.

In the end I think I got pretty good results, the AI look what it will encounter in the near futur, if there is nothing it accelerate, if there is something it slow down and try turning in the adapted direction to avoid it. If it see an item, it goes for it.

When I started losing against my own AIs, I thought it was good enough.