The damage bar

screenshot of the damage bar
My damage bar has now be integrated in the official repo : Lugaru official repo

The campaign selection

It's now possible to choose between several campaigns ingame. No more juggling between multiple Data folders.


  • Ingame campaign selection
  • Progress saved for each played campaign
  • Each campaign can have its own World image
  • The game reload the campaign that was last played before closing it

This looks like this:

clic on campaign to select a campaign

More should be comming here : lugaru-experimental (I included the Temple campaign and the official one).

Datas under free licenses

I started a clone repo in which I switch datas by free ones when I found replacements
The repo is here : comebernigaud-freelugaru

The config file editor

screenshot of lugaruConfigEditor
You can download it here : lugaruConfigEditor.tar.gz