In VioletLand, you have to defend yourself against hordes of monsters.

Screenshot of VioletLand

See the official website for more information.


My Patch

The game is great, but it missed a way to graphically edit the key bindings. As I use an azerty keyboard, it was very difficult for me to play.

I could have edit the config file, but I found it more fun to add a menu to the options that allow the user to configure the controls.

And this is also why I love and use free software, I can adapt them to me, and share my improvements.

It wasn't too much difficult, but I encountered a few problems due to the menu event handler system, and the fact that I didn't want to modify too much the code.

My patch has been applied to the svn by sakuramboo that I contacted through the irc channel, you can thank him :-)

Here are a few captures :

Screenshot of the Options menu

Screenshot of the Controls menu